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Being Active To Not Feel Miserable: 1 Simple and Easy Idea

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Are You Feeling Down?

It doesn’t matter what you do; being active is a great way to clear your head and get a healthier and fitter body. Doing some fitness exercises can help alleviate those feelings by releasing endorphins into our bloodstreams, making us happy again, at least temporarily. From running a mile to going for an evening stroll, being physically active is the best natural medicine.

 Being active does wonder to your mind & body, but’s is so easy to become lazy and use excuses for not doing anything. 

Being Active Is Part Of The Recipe To Not Feel Miserable - PushUpAndMore.Com

Your Made-Up Excuse For Not Being Active

You don’t have time to stay active. You are too tired to be active. You have a perfect excuse not to exercise. You have just made it up. You know it’s terrible, and you feel miserable. It’s easy to become complacent and let life happen around you. Each time you are not doing something because of a made-up excuse, you encourage your brain to keep going that way. After all, it doesn’t kill. By a simple act of thought, you justify your laziness and procrastination. The truth is that you’re not living; you are just existing. It doesn’t have to be that way. PushUpAndMore.Com helps readers to stay active to make them feel better and probably happier. Happy chemicals produced when exercising don’t joke around!

Healthy Lifestyle - Being Active is the Best Natural Medecine - PushpUpAndMore.Com

What Are The Most Common Benefits Of Being Active?

The benefits of staying active are almost endless, from mood improvement to improved cognitive and memory functions.

Beyond physical benefits, the most significant advantage is the increase in mental clarity, which can lead to a reduction or elimination of stress and anxiety symptoms for those who experience them. This increased focus provides the motivation that’s difficult to find on its own – as well as confidence in your abilities! Plus, you’ll have better relationships with others because they will be drawn into how much happier you’re feeling about life!

Here are the most recognized benefits of being active:

Healthy Lifestyle - Being Active is the Best Natural Medecine - PushpUpAndMore.Com

Why Are People So Lazy With Exercising?

Everyone knows it.  Being physically active is the best natural medicine. Unfortunately, only a few of us are.  In the context of having an active lifestyle, our brain can always find an excuse for being lazy.

Laziness may arise from a lack of self-esteem. For instance, it may arise from overstated facts that you’re not that great at what you intend to do. You like the idea of doing ten pull-ups in the park nearby as a quick daily fitness habit. You also know that you may struggle and look ridiculous when trying to do only 1. Your brain reminds you that shredded guys are around the fitness station all day long. They might laugh at you when seeing you are struggling to move your own body. You have two choices to overcome your laziness: either becoming shameless and get it done or putting yourself first in conditions where no one will mock you.

Being Active is the Best Natural Medecine - PushpUpAndMore.Com

A lack of recognition for your physical (and mental) efforts may explain laziness. You have already trained intensively before, but you noticed that you were still an average joe despite all the efforts you put in. YouTube videos made you understand that there were guys much more robust than you out there. Now you feel miserable. You feel miserable because you compare your own journey to others, and that comparison is how your brain defines success and recognition. Track down your performance and how you stick to a routine on a diary. Forget others, and make your progress defines your success.  

Finally, you may justify your laziness and lack of exercise because you don’t believe it is worth being active. After all, we all have heard about a very healthy individual who passed away from an unknown disease. Why should we bother exercising then? But, again, this form of laziness is explained by a strong personal opinion that goes against science. The efficacy of exercising has been scientifically proven.

“Routine, in an intelligent man, is a sign of ambiton” – W.H. Auden

Starts Exercising and Take Control Of Your Life

Whether it’s a hobby that requires some movements, a walk you enjoy, or a particular fitness exercise, make these behaviors a healthy habit. Personally, I made a short but effective workout a daily routine exercise. To make it happen every day, I use different techniques to stick to this fitness routine. Over time, it became a habit as usual as brushing my teeth. Tired, sleepy, or lazy I just do it!

Whatever works for you, fitness routines are very powerful in the long run. If you feel miserable, start with the basics: exercise and be active!

Make A Gift To Your Self - Be Active - PushUpAndMore.Com

Being active daily has certainly contributed positively to my well-being. If you’re not sure how to address your well-being situation or manage your time with your numerous priorities, start by assessing what makes you happy. Then you can manage and optimize effectively your wellness with a Pareto Principle approach to your life.

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