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100 Pushups on a Paddle Board: Cheat Day While On Vacation

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A 100 Pushup Challenge on a Paddle-Board

I often treat myself on holiday and skip my regular crunch series, part of my usual daily workout. A series of 100 pushups on a paddle board is not my typical workout.

Here it was meant to be a cheat day on vacation. On that occasion, I thought it would be good to try to do 100 pushups in a row on a paddle board. I struggled to complete this  100 pushup series, but my satisfaction with completing this 100 pushup exercise remained intact. Perhaps the heavy breakfast buffet I had earlier didn’t help me achieve the performance I was aiming for, but it could have been worse. More importantly, it keeps the momentum going with exercising, and this is what I am looking for: discipline and consistency.

Doing 100 pushups in one series on a paddle board -

100 Pushups Reps on a Paddle Board: Video

Self-critics of this 100-Pushup Workout

What I didn’t like:

× My overall execution time of around 5″30, which is about 90-120 seconds more than when I do well during my regular daily workout. To be fair, my 100 pushup reps might be slightly better here than usual in terms of the range of motion.

× My spine and hips were not always appropriately aligned when taking breaks in the plank position

100 pushups - Paddle Board - 3.12 Incorrect Upper Pushup Position -

What I liked

» The consistency of my pushup forms, particularly in terms of the range of motion. I maintained an acceptable pushup form across the entire 100 pushup workout, with an excellent range of motion. Some snapshots below (I need to update the timestamp and offset them all by a few seconds):

Why did I choose 100 Pushups Reps As a Cheat Day Workout?

Doing a series of 100 pushups on a cheat day helps me reconcile the contradictory objectives I have for myself, especially in a holiday context. I‘m going to repeat myself more or less here with my 200 pushups post.


  • Doing 100 pushups per day is still challenging for me. But, it remains easier than my regular workout.   From that perspective, I treat myself in a certain way (mentally speaking) by doing a more accessible fitness session.
  • Performing one hundred pushups takes me only a few minutes, maybe 20 minutes if I include the time to get ready and shower time. With such a short duration, I can’t fool myself with a time constraint excuse regardless of the context: holidays, working days, or days off.
  • I am more in the camp of keeping the momentum with workout habits rather than taking breaks, even if I admit recovery can be necessary n some circumstances. Performing 100 pushups in a row, even if I take a few seconds breaks in the upward position to manage my energy across the entire exercise,  is better than nothing. It does help to maintain my body fitness and build discipline. Ticking the box is also suitable for my obsessive mind and keeping it up with the habit of working out daily, although I am on holiday.

“I think discipline is a very important thing for a person.
It’s a very important thing to […] take care of things. It’s like not taking care of things cause you so much more pain and anxiety that not taking of the things. So take care of the things, no matter what they are. Whether it’s your body, your work, or whatever you got to do.” – Joe Rogan  (The Joe Rogan Experience – Podcast 1816 – Gad Saad)

Challenging Yourself With 100 Pushups Per Day: A Good or Bad Idea?

One hundred pushups a day is something that has been done and tried by many. Some websites claim the 100 pushup challenge as part of their official training programs. Opinions vary widely on this topic. Some are arguing that you should stop doing 100 pushups every day. On the contrary, others suggest that doing 100 pushups every day is excellent, mainly if you vary the pushup variations and do complimentary exercises such as pull-ups.

If you’re in the latter camp, follow along with Chris Heria as he shows how to do 100 push-ups a day. His training method is highly effective in increasing repetitions and mastering more challenging exercises for life-changing results. 

That’s all for this post. Happy Workout!

100 Pushups on a Paddle Board is Not my Usual Workout -

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  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon everyday. Its always interesting to read articles from other authors and practice something from other sites.


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