More than Pushups. Beyond Discipline.

PushUpAndMore Fitness Blog

PushUpAndMore is a fitness blog that provides a few tips and tricks to stay fit, healthy, and ultimately happy.

The blog creator has been able to keep up with his effective fitness routine and his daily 150 pushups challenge since March 2020. No excuse, only daily executions made possible with mental tricks to stick to a short but intense workout routine. Learn more about the story behind this self-imposed challenge and fitness advice in the blog!

Wandering Around And Staying Fit Are Two Things I Always Keep In Mind - PushUpAndMore.Com

Who Am I?

I’m a Finance professional with a few side hustles. Like a happy hamster in his spinning wheel, I am always on the move or working on my latest idea. I do some fitness to stay healthy and avoid burnoutonly a little but almost every day. I believe in the benefits of discipline and consistency. I’m the guy in the picture above; not a fitness professional, not tall nor bulky, yet somehow fit and energetic!

Some  people wonder how I stay fit and happy almost all the time. I haven’t always been like this. Luckily for me, the COVID lockdowns and restrictions have been a catalyst for establishing a new fitness routine and reinforcing some healthy ways of thinking.

My new workout routine, combined with a disciplined approach to life and a minimalist mindset, help me daily to be my best self as much as possible.

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