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200 Pushups A Day: My Best Cheating Day While on Vacation

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A 200 Pushup Challenge: Yes, but in 2 sets

200 pushups a day is not my usual workout routine. On a cheat day, I usually skip the crunch series and perform only 1 set of 100 pushups. Not 200 pushups. I wouldn’t be able to complete 200 pushups in a row with an acceptable pushup form anyway, and working out until failure is not my objective either. So this time, I decided to go halfway with two sets of 100 pushups. Put it differently, a sweet version of a 200 pushup challenge.

A 200-pushup challenge in 2 set of 100 pushups on as a cheat day exercise -

200 Push-ups in Two Sets of 100 pushups: Videos

Below are videos of two series of 100 pushups that I completed at a 90-minute interval on a cheat day while vacationing.

The first series of 100 pushups is completed in less than 3 minutes and 20 seconds, while the second one takes me almost 4″10′. I took a 90-minute break between the two series of pushups. While I am a bit disappointed with my first set where I would give myself a score of 6.5/10 for the pushup forms, I am more satisfied with the second set where I improved my pushup forms and increased my range of motion.

The holiday period is when I want to treat myself a little bit by doing only pushups and skipping my cross-body situp series part of my express daily workout. Overall, I find the cardio aspect less intense than my usual daily 8-minutes workout routine of 100 cross-body crunches and 100 pushups.

Of course, doing 200 pushups, even in two series of 100 pushups, is still a bit of a challenge for me: you may see me shaking a little bit with imperfect pushup forms. Performing 200 pushups in two sets is still more accessible for me than my daily workout, which requires more energy management skills and mental endurance.

200 Pushups In 2 Sets As a Cheat Day Workout

Doing a 200 pushup challenge as a cheat day workout helped me reconcile the contradictory objectives I have for myself. I will repeat more or less my contradictions goals and motives as explained in my 100 pushups on a paddle board post:

  • Even if I pause a few seconds in the upward position while performing each set, 200 pushups in two sets are better than nothing. Ticking the box is good for my obsessive mind and keeping up with the habit of working out daily regardless of the circumstances. This is how we build and maintain resilience, at least in my opinion. I’m not a professional fitness person, and I understand some may disagree with this, particularly as a general statement. We need to rest to recover etc.

  • Doing 200 pushups per day, even in two series, is still challenging for me. I treat myself (mentally speaking) with a more accessible fitness session than my regular one, but I maintain my body fitness with something more decent than just a 10-minute walk. Additionally, there is still some room for improvements regarding my pushup forms, and this is an area I am keen to put some effort in. It has been a year or so since I decided to focus on quality rather than quantity regarding pushups.

  • Two hundred pushups take me less than 10 minutes of execution: I can’t fool myself with a time constraint excuse. Of course, there is the time needed to get ready and shower time, but nothing big here.

200 Pushups a Day For 30 Days

I haven’t taken this challenge yet,  but many have. The three guys did 200 push-ups a day for 30 days: watch their results.


That’s all for this post. Happy workout!

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  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon everyday. Its always interesting to read articles from other authors and practice something from other sites.


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