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Why Being Shameless Helps To Achieve Goals: 1 Explanation

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Be Shameless, Be Brave And Try Something New

Whether you want to try a life-changing project and become your own boss or simply want to learn how to dance salsa, don’t be ashamed of your ideas or ambitions. Even if you have strictly no skill in entrepreneurship or you know for a fact that you have never been gifted with dancing, give a try to your project. Nobody is perfect. As far as we know, we only have one life, and no one should die with regrets. Don’t limit your ambition because of fear of shame.

Being Shameless To Achieve Your Fitness Goals - PushUpAndMore.Com

Fear Of Failure Holds Us Back From Success

If you are ashamed of trying to take up a new challenge because you may fail or simply look ridiculous, read this. The idea of not winning a challenge or being looked upon as stupid is quite hard to swallow for many; that’s somehow very human. That’s precisely why most people are not trying anything new in their life, even when they want to. In his book “The Bravest You” Adam Smith identifies fear of failure as one of the top fears holding us back from success.

So have you been thinking about an exciting idea, but you haven’t tried it out due to fear of feeling ashamed? Have you been worried about how you may look or handle your stuff as a total beginner? Fair enough, no one likes being embarrassed or being qualified as a newbie. Your first attempts will be shaky (most probably), and you are honestly not going to be that great. Whether it’s for a public speaking exercise, a fitness exercise, or a whole new entrepreneurial adventure, the hard truth is that there are probably already other people doing similar things and much better than you. Perhaps you are unhappy with your bodySo why should you even bother starting this new challenge?

The Feeling of Control When You Accomplish What You Want

Imagine how good it feels to do something that seemed impossible before and no longer feel embarrassed about it? You know when you’re struggling to do something and then suddenly it becomes almost too easy? Yeah, that. You feel like a pro! No shame anymore, no mental barriers. You execute your way when you want it. That’s being in control.

Be Shameless And Feel No Longer Feel Embarrassed - PushUpAndMore.Com

When You’re Shameless, You Can Talk to (almost) Anyone

I don’t know for you guys, but I used to freak out to speak to attractive ladies in the street. The confidence wasn’t there. I knew that there were guys much better than me at this game. Some of them started that kind of social game quite early before college. So why should I even bother starting at my age, after years of adulthood? The competition in that space seemed out of my reach. Too hard, too late, and the best ladies are probably already taken anyway. That’s when my brain was making up some excuses for not doing anything.

I did not count the number of times I told myself I wish I had spoken to this lady at the library or when I was just wandering around my home. Missed Opportunities? Only God knows; there are bad people and poisoned gifts everywhere, and anyone can be unlucky. Sh*t happens. But you can be lucky too; ask a lottery winner. If I am honest with myself, I have been frustrated many times by not even trying to engage with someone when I wanted to. I used to be so upset with myself. Writing this makes me smile now. Things have changed, and I am not ashamed either to speak about this. “Be vulnerable,” some coaching experts say.

Be Shameless And Talk To Anyone - PushUpAndMore.Com

This anecdote about me being ashamed to try to talk to girls because of the risks of rejection is a big self-improvement lesson. Over time I went beyond my fears. I started learning through experiments and self-imposed challenges. That’s discipline. I learned to be more shameless and feeling more at ease along the way with repetitive micro experiments. I tried again and again. I learned to “fail up,” as they say. I am not really ashamed anymore. Whether it’s authentic or a made-up but polite way of declining, hearing “Hey, I’m sorry, I already have a boyfriend.” is acceptable to me. I’m usually more than grateful for having tried; I’m super happy with my accomplishment. I think I almost became shameless. I keep my other young boy anecdotes for later.

Here are my takeaways for this one:

  • Being fearful and afraid of potential failure is normal, but not acting because of this is not. Whether it’s you or your brain that is making up some excuses, not acting about something you would like to do is literally a lack of discipline. Don’t be ashamed of what people may think about you when experimenting. Build the discipline to “give a try,” even if you are not feeling like a pro. Become shameless, and the world might be yours.
  • To become better at something, you need to try and try again, even if the first times are not glorious. Everyone is a beginner at some point, and it’s okay to be a beginner for a more extended period than others. Focus on yourself, and forget the rest. Every day is a new opportunity to improve yourself. Those who don’t try never learn.
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PushUpAndMore helps people get things done in life by developing discipline and a growth mindset. To grow, you need to try and be a bit shameless at times. A disciplined mindset can help by going beyond your mental barriers to reach your full potential. Discipline is the key to be where you want to be. Read more about being in control of your life with a disciplined mindset here. Finally, if you want to know more about my fitness routine that helps me grow my discipline and strength, click here.

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