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1 Simple Healthy Habit To Build Discipline: A Key Life Asset

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Why Is Self-Discipline Is A Critical Attribute To Becoming Successful?

Self-discipline is the foundation of a life you control. When you are in control of your life, you are more likely to get what you want and be successful. In a nutshell, if you own your life, you are free!

“Discipline is freedom.”

Discipline A Key Life Asset On The Path To Freedom - PushUpAndMore

How Does Discipline Help You In Your Life?

Discipline puts you on the path to lifelong success. Having some control over what happens during your day or week is what discipline is about. You have the power of choice in your life, and discipline will help you make better choices.

“‘What the characters we sometimes call geniuses have in common is drive and determination, often good parenting, and the fact that they are products of the social conditions of their time,’ he said. ‘All of this was true for Mozart. His talent wasn’t simply a gift from God, it was the result of tremendously hard work.'”

Many think you need to think big when you want to change your life. But world-renowned habits expert James Clear believes another way. He knows that real change comes from the compound effect of hundreds of small decisions:

  • Doing two push-ups a day
  • Waking up five minutes early
  • Holding a single short phone call

He calls them atomic habits. Others call this discipline.

Consistently making small but beneficial daily decisions can hugely impact our lives as they accumulate and compound over time. This is why having the discipline of making wise decisions and executing is essential to achieving success. The discipline of implementing small changes will have a revolutionary effect on your career, relationships, and life.

On The Path To Freedom Discipline Is Required - PushUpAndMore.Com
Being disciplined helps you to:
  • Stop procrastinating and get real things done. Have you stuck to your latest resolutions? Are you satisfied with being a couch potato or scrolling on social media all day? If you are satisfied, do yourself a favor and go back to watching TV. If you’re not, keep grinding. Something good will come out at some point.
  • Build resilience and grit. Being disciplined means not giving up too early, not giving up on your dreams. Perhaps you are frustrated about your exams that you have failed several times in a row. Maybe you fell into a complacency mindset where you tell yourself that all of this is not worth the effort after all. Well, as long as you are pleased. Otherwise, hold on and keep pushing 🙂 Ok, easier said than done, but resilience and grit are essential attributes if you want to control your life and achieve your dream. Owning your life is not easy at first, so of course, you may be tempted to give up when difficulties arise.

If you train your brain to do that every single day, then you will do it on more difficult and more important thing in life. – Tony Robbins

  • To do things faster and better to get the most out of your time. Being disciplined means using the best methods and tools. For example, using proven time and task management techniques allows you to get more. You get more things, or you get more free time. You choose. That’s your freedom.
  • Make better decisions about what you need in life. A disciplined mindset helps you approach circumstances more rationally, with a long-term perspective and less negative emotional influence. Do you really think the best decisions are always the easiest? Do you believe military people take the time to binge-watching Netflix? How do they manage to get up every morning? This is where you have to choose your camp.

How To Build Up Discipline?

While there are many ways to build discipline and develop grit, some methods give you more than others. Since time is a precious asset, an intelligent approach to growing your level of discipline is to focus on the discipline-building techniques that give you the most of your time. One of them is doing daily pushups.

Growing your resilience and building your self-discipline with pushups is killing two birds with one stone. Doing pushups is a cost-effective, healthy and robust fitness habit: this is a perfect workout routine to learn to be more disciplined and get in shape. With such minimal requirements, you will hardly find another method to build discipline and core strength.

Minimalist Workouts Help To Build Discipline - PushUpAndMore.Com

Doing pushups to discipline kids may be a great idea too:

Pushups are generously dolled out in the military as part of mental discipline, not just physical conditioning. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to make kids do pushups for discipline, and unlike spankings, this classic exercise drill won’t foster aggressive behavior or teach “might makes right.”

If you are a doer, you will undoubtedly feel more accomplished after finishing your daily pushups routine. You will tick an additional box on your to-do list. If you are still a dreamer, you will realize that something that used to be a no-way thing to do is not that far out of reach. You just needed a bit of discipline and structure to make it happen. You may find inspiration here to start chasing your dream. Be healthy, be happy, be free!

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