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The Risks Of Doing Pushups: 4 Overstated Reasons + 1 Truth

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Let’s cut the chase; the risks of doing pushups are overstated. “Why you should not do 100 pushups every day” articles are essentially clickbait titles. Regardless of what you may read here and there, the advantages of doing pushups every day outweigh the risk of performing pushups daily. Of course, there are risks of doing pushups every day only if the workout is not executed correctly; harmful pushup forms, back not straight, etc., can lead to injuries over the long run.

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The Risks Of Doing Pushups: A Bit Like Brushing Your Teeth!

A daily pushup workout can be like brushing your teeth. Overall it is a good healthy habit. But did you know that brushing your teeth too many times can be damaging and lead to the gradual loss of enamel? Well, that’s the same for pushups!

The risks of practicing pushups every day are small, and the benefits are clear

The risk of doing pushups daily is minimal, primarily when treating yourself with proper pushup forms. It may be counterproductive if you’re pushing yourself too much or with the wrong push-up forms, but again, the fuss about the risks of doing pushups is primarily about getting attention with catchy titles!

You may also feel that you’re no longer making progress with your pushup workout. Worst, you may feel you’re regressing. So should you stick with your daily pushups exercise? Are they any detrimental risks of performing pushups every day?

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Risk Of Doing Pushups Every Day #1: Your Body May Get Used To It?

The human body is a master at adaptation, so what was once an excellent calorie-burning workout may become no better than the average intense walk. Is this an issue? Of course not! If your 100-pushup series is now a piece of cake, increase your range of motion, choose a more difficult pushup variation and increase the reps! In short, adapt the level of your pushups exercise if it becomes too easy. Alternatively, if you’re happy with your workout, don’t change anything—no need to set the bar higher. Your success is personal, and enjoyment is one of the main reasons people stick to a particular workout routine.

Risk Of Doing Pushups Every Day #2: Your Body May Get Injured With The Wrong Pushup Form?

When you raise the bar of your pushup challenge because you’re getting used to it, you might be tempted to compromise on quality to strike your new goal quickly. Not so fast;  compromising the pushup form quality to complete the push-up series more rapidly or increasing the number of reps to flatten your ego does increase the risk of injury and muscle pain.

Yes, practicing pushups every day does come with some risks. These include lower back pain, wrist pain, and elbow injuries. So keep your hips in a straight line with the rest of your body when you do push-ups.

Risk Of Doing Pushups Every Day #3: You May Not Get The Most Of Your Fitness Potential 

Another (false) problem with doing pushups daily is that it may lead to non-optimized workout habits that bring no additional gains. In other words, if you’re comfortable doing pushups every day, your current pushups variations and pushups sets are most likely too easy. “To keep the gains coming,  you’re going to want to do something with that,” says coach Jeff Cavaliere in this Menshealth article about why the 100 pushups challenge a day needs to stop. 


Risk Of Doing Pushups Every Day #4: You May Get Bored

One problem with doing pushups every day is that it can get boring! Why? Humans work on dopamine; this chemical messenger is created when we experience something new. Doing 100 pushups a day may be boring, but it surely helps build discipline. It’s probably fair to say that getting bored is not a risk per se.

You Do Not Need Motivation For Working Out - You Need Discipline -

Conclusion: Keep Pushing!

Sticking to a daily practice of push-ups is an excellent way to boost or maintain your fitness level, build a healthy habit and forge discipline.

Study shows the ability to do push-ups relates to heart health. So repeating pushup exercises is not an inherently bad idea, especially if you enjoy what you’re doing! If it doesn’t hurt your body, the best workout is a workout you want to do again and again.

There is no room for excuses with pushups, and pushups exercises can be adjusted to your fitness level on the way, so in conclusion, keep pushing!

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